Mr.Zopash Khan

Mr.Zopash Khan

Barrister | Co-Chair – The Society of Mediators – Pakistan Chapter | Accredited Mediator – MSoM | Partner – Pasha’s Associates & Consultants – AAQLLP | Founding President – HTS | Member – Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

Zopash Khan is a seasoned Barrister with a focus on mediation and legal consultancy. As Co-Chair of The Society of Mediators – Pakistan Chapter, Zopash plays a crucial role in promoting and advancing the practice of mediation within the legal community. Being an Accredited Mediator by MSoM, Zopash brings a wealth of experience and expertise to alternative dispute resolution processes.

In the legal realm, Zopash serves as a Partner at Pasha’s Associates & Consultants – AAQLLP, contributing to the success and growth of the firm. With a commitment to humanitarian causes, Zopash founded the Humanitarian Trust for Suffering (HTS), serving as its Founding President. This organization focuses on addressing and alleviating various forms of suffering through dedicated initiatives and projects.

Zopash Khan is also recognized as a Member of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, showcasing a commitment to global collaboration and impact. This affiliation reflects Zopash’s dedication to contributing to positive change on an international scale.